Creating a local radio: Everything you need to know to make your local FM radio station perform well – it must be broadcast in the widest possible territory; for this reason several parameters come into play, the most important are: the chosen place of emission,

-the more your antenna will be placed high and clear of any obstacle plus your radius of emission will be extended. You have to know that the waves in FM are propagating to direct view therefore any obstacle like building, hill, drill will attenuate the signal of your transmitter you must therefore choose a building as high as possible to install your antennas of emission.

-You can also choose a hill on the outskirts of the city within a radius of 2 to 5km; in this case, the places of emission being different from the location of your studio, which in principle will be in the city, the two points will be connected by what is called a microwave. This solution has the advantage of having your studio in town and benefit from a large broadcast area thanks to the height of your antennas,

– in addition you will be able subsequently to reinforce the quality of listening in your zone of emission by increasing the power of your transmitter.

-It is very important to understand that it is not the power of your transmitter that will define the zone of emission but the height of your antennas;

to be more concrete if you have a 1000 w transmitter placed in town on a building that is not cleared it will have a radius of coverage significantly lower than a 100w transmitter placed on a building or a hill overlooking the city

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