[lvca_tabs style=”style6″ highlight_color=”#ff7933″ mobile_width=”600″][lvca_tab tab_title=”Overview”]Creating a local radio station: Everything you need to know to make your local FM radio station work – it must be broadcast in the widest possible territory; For this several parameters come into play, the most important are:

The chosen place of emission,

-the more your antenna will be placed high and clear of any obstacle the more your radius of emission will be extended. You should know that the waves in FM are propagated to direct view therefore any obstacle like building, hill, drill will attenuate the signal of your transmitter you must therefore choose a building as high as possible to install your antennas of emission.

-You can also choose a hill on the outskirts of the city within a radius of 2 to 5km; In this case, the places of emission being different from the location of your studio, which in principle will be in town, the two points will be connected by what is called a radio-relay. This solution has the advantage of having your studio in town and benefit from a large broadcast area thanks to the height of your antennas,

– and you will be able to further enhance the quality of listening in your area of ​​emission by increasing the power of your transmitter.

-It is very important to understand that it is not the power of your transmitter that will define the zone of emission but the height of your antennas;

To be more concrete if you have a 1000 w transmitter placed in town on a building that is not cleared it will have a significantly lower coverage radius than a 100w transmitter placed on a building or a hill overlooking the city[/lvca_tab][lvca_tab tab_title=”Composition”]TX 250 PLUS
FREQUENCY Range 87,5 ÷ 108 MHz Internal setting mode 10 kHz External steps Mode setting 10 KHz by remote control RS232-RS485 Generation Synthesizer PLL Control microprocessor Frequency stability output ± 300 Hz / 3 months Reference TCXO 12.8 MHz Nominal excursion ± 75 KHz Frequency Deviation Stability ± 2.5%

FLC-08U-R19-P RO
Transparent box 08U, rackmount 19 “, deep 47 cm, housing for mixer with compass opening, robust 9 mm wood fibers covered with scratch-resistant laminate, aluminum profiles, curved corners.

Oxygen 3
Overview OXYGEN 3 is a compact audio console for On Air and production in the field of radio broadcasting. It is very simple to use and offers maximum flexibility of operation. The OXYGEN 3 console is a complete and stand-alone piece of hardware, requiring no additional hardware to operate. All relevant functions are integrated

Dual Band GSM gateway

CD / MP3 player with USB port (up to 1GB) and SD (up to 32GB) front and rear. Pro anti shock drawer. Backlit display, balanced and unbalanced XLR output on spindle, coaxial and optical output. IR remote control and RS232 serial port

Professional AM / FM RDS Receiver, 1U Rack

Fostex loudspeaker with two channels amplified (LF + HF), balanced input on 6.3 mm Jack and asymmetrical on Pin (RCA). Rear volume control, on / off switch, front light, universal 110 / 230Vac 50 / 60Hz power supply with C7 power cord. Can be wall mounted, black


Stereo amplifier for 4 headphones / reglaged of independent level

Professional Microphone Sennheiser E825S

Telescopic microphone rod

Mediaframe, 1RU, Windows Embedded, 4GB Ram, SSD, 1 PCIe slot 8x

Soundtrack Studio
Overview SOUNDTRACK STUDIO is the radio automation software featuring on air and production facilities covering all the needs of the radio station. SOUNDTRACK STUDIO combines ease of use, broadcast quality while being cost effective. No need for specific training or skilled technicians

HD Seagate SATA 1000GB ES Enterpri

Sound card ESI – Maya 44XTe. 4 unbalanced mono inputs and 4 unbalanced mono outputs, or 2 unbalanced stereo inputs and 2 unbalanced stereo outputs. In / Out to 6.3mm Jack and S / PDIF, 24bit / 96kHz sampling. WDM driver, DirectSound, ASIO 2.0 PCIe slot X1.

USB Keyboard (QWERTY) – EN

Logitech USB Mouse

Falcon 3i
Overview FALCON 3i is a most cost effective and high performance equipment combining Digital Audio Processor, Stereo Generator and RDS Encoder. The all-in-one solution designed for FM broadcasting, webradio and satellite stations. FALCON 3i offers a loud, loud and clear sound, thanks to the 4-band architecture, Dual Band AGCs, 3-band equalizer, speech detector[/lvca_tab][/lvca_tabs]