[lvca_tabs style=”style6″ highlight_color=”#ff7933″ mobile_width=”600″][lvca_tab tab_title=”Overview”]Creating a local radio station: Everything you need to know to make your local FM radio station work – it must be broadcast in the widest possible territory; For this several parameters come into play, the most important are:

The chosen place of emission,

-the more your antenna will be placed high and clear of any obstacle the more your radius of emission will be extended. You should know that the waves in FM are propagated to direct view therefore any obstacle like building, hill, drill will attenuate the signal of your transmitter you must therefore choose a building as high as possible to install your antennas of emission.

-You can also choose a hill on the outskirts of the city within a radius of 2 to 5km; In this case, the places of emission being different from the location of your studio, which in principle will be in town, the two points will be connected by what is called a radio-relay. This solution has the advantage of having your studio in town and benefit from a large broadcast area thanks to the height of your antennas,

– and you will be able to further enhance the quality of listening in your area of ​​emission by increasing the power of your transmitter.

-It is very important to understand that it is not the power of your transmitter that will define the zone of emission but the height of your antennas;

To be more concrete if you have a 1000 w transmitter placed in town on a building that is not cleared it will have a significantly lower coverage radius than a 100w transmitter placed on a building or a hill overlooking the city[/lvca_tab][lvca_tab tab_title=”Composition”]500W-1kW mod. TX05HE-TX1HE
General description mod. TX05HE 500W mod. TX1HE 1 kW The new High Efficiency 500W TX05HE and 1kW TX1HE are the first FM transmitters CTE based on the latest generation of RF devices that dramatically increases the total efficiency of the equipment, reducing size and weight, High reliability and stability

Rack table

Cabling accessories and furniture construction: electrical panel with sockets (Schuko), support for machines, cable trays, rack closure panels, cage nuts and rack screws

Oxygen 4
Overview OXYGEN 4 is a specially designed antenna and production console for radio. The console is fully modular, which means flexibility in the configuration with an elegant design with compact dimensions. The mono, stereo, Telco and telephone input modules can be placed in the required quantities

Macrotel X1
Overview Macrotel X1 and X2 are Macrotel’s Axel third-generation hybrid telephony technology, which offer advanced audio quality. Macrotel X1 and X2 Macrotel phone interface fits perfectly every phone line anywhere in the world. Macrotel X-series is suitable for analog environments offering a symmetrical analog connection

GSM QuadBand module for the management of a wireless telephone line, for MACROTEL X1

CD / MP3 player with USB port (up to 1GB) and SD (up to 32GB) front and rear. Pro anti shock drawer. Backlit display, balanced and unbalanced XLR output on spindle, coaxial and optical output. IR remote control and RS23 serial port

Professional AM / FM RDS Receiver, 1U Rack

Single amplified professional loudspeaker in close field.


RØDE Procaster, broadcast quality dynamic microphone, designed for voice performance.

Elastic anti-vibration support for Rode microphone: Procaster, Podcaster, NT1-A and NT2-A. Color black, 390gr weight

“Mika” pantograph microphone with hi-tech aluminum with signal light On Ai

Mounting system table for monitor support – MIKA

Alim. For MrLight L / LD usable for a max of 3 Lamps (Led) 110 / 220VAC. Separate lighting control and flashing

Dynamic Cardioid Microphone

Telescopic microphone rod

Workstation Broadcast Rackmount

Hardware and software installation and configuration. Certification and testing of the computer.

Soundtrack Studio
Overview SOUNDTRACK STUDIO is the radio automation software featuring on air and production facilities covering all the needs of the radio station. SOUNDTRACK STUDIO combines ease of use, broadcast quality while being cost effective. No need for specific training or qualified technicians, it offers full functionality

DML Audio
Overview DML AUDIO recording system includes non-stop recording, long-term archiving, content and navigation media export / conversion. DML AUDIO records audio streams from the widest range of sources (RF, antenna, decoder, stereo line, etc.) and stores them on the hard disk (recordings remain online according to the capacity of the hard disk

HD Seagate SATA 1000GB ES Enterpri

Software for archive synchronization

Sound card AES16e

Cable for Lynx AES1

USB Keyboard (QWERTY) – EN

Logitech USB Mouse

Overview FOX is an all-digital audio gateway, designed for radio and television broadcast markets. FOX matches most of the requirements of using Hi-end broadcast, with two analog inputs, two digital inputs, one analog output and one digital output. All inputs can be routed to another audio output

Falcon 3i
Overview FALCON 3i is a most cost effective and high performance equipment combining Digital Audio Processor, Stereo Generator and RDS Encoder. The all-in-one solution designed for FM broadcasting, webradio and satellite stations. FALCON 3i offers a loud, loud and clear sound, thanks to the 4-band architecture, Dual Band AGCs, 3-band equalizer, speech detector

Digital RDS / RBDS encoder option for Falcon 3i. Generating static data

16 ports Gigabit Ungérer Switch[/lvca_tab][/lvca_tabs]