[lvca_tabs style=”style6″ highlight_color=”#ff7933″ mobile_width=”600″][lvca_tab tab_title=”Overview”]FALCON THREE TV SDI is a fully digital 3-band audio processor, resulting from a long experience of a team of television technicians, psychoacoustic experts and designers specializing in the development of professional audio hardware based on DSP technology .

FALCON THREE TV SDI is a complete digital, standalone and mono audio processor of the stereo TV control the audio volume of the TV, dynamics and equalization to provide a pleasant and very intelligible television listening.
In all field TV purposes, all sound is applied to a single transmission audio processor that automatically controls the average modulation and the peak-to-average ratio while smoothing the transitions between the program elements all in one simple Compression and clipping can not do it effectively.

Based on a powerful and efficient automatic gain control, FALCON THREE TV SDI processor also acts in full respect of the original audio levels while avoiding, at the same time, the peaks of more modulation and annoying volume drops between different Programs.

The FALCON THREE TV SDI allows efficient volume control under ITU-R BS1770, and offers new input and output capabilities: Analog Left + Right balanced on XLR connectors, AES / EBU digital on XLR and support For SDI on BNC connector.
The pre accent input is selectable between 0, 50, or 75 microseconds.
In addition, the analog audio input signal or digital path signal can be directed and integrated into the SDI video signal.[/lvca_tab][lvca_tab tab_title=”Main Features”]- better price / features
– 3-Band Digital Audio Processor
– Powerful AGC over the entire audio tape
– Audio protection on modulation
– Volume control: ITU-R BS1770 compliant
– Analog and AES / EBU
– SDI input and output
– Real estate Lip-Sync audio / video
– Flexible, dynamic and user-friendly
– Remote control via serial

FALCON THREE TV SDI is an audio processor specially designed for television, DVB-T and DVB-S and web broadcasting.

FALCON THREE TV SDI offers the most up-to-date technology, multi-band digital processing architecture.

FALCON THREE TV SDI manages the audio / video synchronization tweaking and guarantees perfect audio and video synchronization.
Fine tuning on the audio delay allows perfect audio video alignment.

A powerful software is free, giving full control over all parameters such as input gain, ITU control, lip-synch delay, output level, pre Emphasys etc.

The complete communication functions of these processors can be used by simple local Rs232 connections, PSTN phone / modem pots or via LAN / WAN.
The password protected built-in operations displays real-time web server directly in your Lan or anywhere in the world.
FALCON THREE TV SDI allows HTTP, TCP / IP, UDP / IP, Telnet and SNMP protocol.

The front panel features an LCD screen, a rotary encoder and a headphone monitor output, all carried in a sturdy 1-rack unit.
Power supply designed to operate worldwide 110Vac 60Hz or 50Hz 230V.[/lvca_tab][/lvca_tabs]