[lvca_tabs style=”style6″ highlight_color=”#ff7933″ mobile_width=”600″][lvca_tab tab_title=”Overview”]The CT-MFR / 2 main chassis is the core of our high-density platform. Thanks to the Linux operating system and 6 independent slots, the device can be configured for current or future needs and can work with any type of input:
A / V, HD-SD / SDI, ASI, BTS, GbE, E1 / T1, SPMTE310M; It transmits signals at any frequency from 2 to 23 GHz in all possible configurations: U-Mount (IDU + ODU), Full In Door (IDU) or Mobile with Single-carrier (QPSK ÷ 256QAM) and Multi- Channel (COFDM) Modulable, selectable by the operator.

The Mainframe automatically detects and adjusts the functions of each card placed inside the 19 ” 1U rack and displays the functions on the front panel OLED display and / or via the web GUI.

The unit can be equipped with hot-swappable power supply sections, AC and DC, by an internal digital matrix that allows the use of cards in any position without external wiring. Through our CT-MST software suite, users can manage, configure and control the settings of each card either locally or remotely via connections such as SNMP, TCP / IP and GSM / GPRS.[/lvca_tab][lvca_tab tab_title=”Main feature”]• Integrated Linux operating system

• Complete modular system

• RTC for time reference

• Internal memory for storing any alarms

• 6 slots to install boards

• Color front panel control

• Complete web management[/lvca_tab][/lvca_tabs]